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Photographer:breda | Aravind, Ashiqa Photographer:breda | 9th AV panorama of contemporary Indian cinema Photographer:breda | Beyond the Tim - 11th of February at UP Photographer:breda | exhibition at Pitanga Photographer:breda | full moon and eclipse on 10/ 11th in Leo Photographer:breda | full moon and eclipse on 10/ 11th in Leo Photographer:breda | The Sage for the Ages on 11th at Adishkati at 7pm

10th Marathon, Veenapani

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In today’s news we are featuring Ashiqa and Aravind inviting us to a month long festival Remembering Veenapani with performances every weekend. This weekend we can see dance performance Accross not Over, The Sage for the Ages and Rage & Beyond .

10th edition of Auroville Marathon on Sunday, 12th of Febraury, starting at 5am…..

On Sunday 12th February At Pour Tours Distribution gardens – starting at 10 am Get Ready For “THE BIG AUROVILLE GIVE AWAY”! On the occasion of Jocelyn 80th birthday. Happy birthday Jocelyn!

On Friday 10th of February, Full moon night Meditation with Tibetan Singing Bowls With Jinpa Gyato at Pavilion of Tibetan Culture International Zone Auroville.

On Sunday 12th at 7pm at Unity Pavilion Auroville Sisters with Music of Love for Mother’s Land.

February 11th and 12th! Dialogue on Humanity in Sadhana Forest. The shuttle bus will leave daily at 9:30am from Solar Kitchen with return trips after dinner and after the performances.

9th Auroville Panorma of Contemporary Indian Cinema shows at 3, 5, 5.30 and 8pm at Sri Aruobindo Audirorium Bharat Nivas, where an AV annual Film Festival showcasing the most recent films form the different states of India.

Animal man is the obscure starting-point, the present natural man, varied and tangled, the mid-road, but supernatural man the luminous and transcendent goal of our human journey.
Sri Aurobindo

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