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Daily Archives: 2013/01/12

Communication practicum

This has been the fifth year running that communication and political science students from the American University of Paris have been coming to Auroville for their undergraduate practicum. Also for the past few years they have been joined by students from Linneaus University in Sweden. Auroville provides a perfect platform for the students with all the different projects and activities they can get involved in. To round of their 2-3 week visit they all gave a presentation of the work they have been doing in Auroville.

Special thanks to Tania Elder ‘Assistant Professor of communication at Linneaus University in Sweden’ who started this project and to Jason Harsen ‘Associate Professor at American University of Paris’.

Comments: 0 Date: 12 Jan 2013

Collective Intelligence Day

Jean Francois who held the last weeks presentations and discussions about collective intelligence built the bridge between our own individual being and the collective in a special manner on a one day workshop. He started off in introducing a couple of profound questions which firstly every individual had to answer for oneself and afterward were discussed in small groups. He guided the group into a self-created market place. It finally lead to the request if there is an alternate currency possible in Auroville.

Comments: 0 Date: 12 Jan 2013

Be true not violent

This is a peace programfor children, youth and adults, abouthow they can solve their conflicts peacefully. This is for creating awarenessat every age in order to create peaceful surroundings.Be True Not Violent is a violence prevention programme for schools and socialinstitutions. The curriculum is structured in a way so that it can be usedinternationally: for children in trouble spots, in developing countries andalso in a daily environment in the western context.It was written by Rita Erben, Astrid Kummer and Emanuele Scanziani.

Since August 2012 it was developed as a model project inAikyam School inAuroville. This International Peace Handbook is also supported by Terre des Hommes(Help for children in Distress, Germany) and will be distributed worldwide.

Comments: 0 Date: 12 Jan 2013

Late night New Moon at Svedame

To close the New Moon night, Yemadas and Friends produced some nice percussion beats to keep the people of Auroville moving. Yemadas is a ethnic fusion band who plays their original songs inspired in Africa and Brazil traditional songs. Mixed with different instruments and beautiful and philosophical lyrics takes people in a deep journey to our roots, looking for a strong connection with our hearts. Though there where some power issues that did not stop the music from flowing and the dance floor from moving. Thanks guys and also to the guest

Comments: 0 Date: 12 Jan 2013

New Moon at Svedame

Even if it is to celebrate a New Moon, the fact is, that is always good, and needed to conect with the community at the social event, and last night has well proved it. Excellent voices of Priscila, Jeremy, and Suryan, who are all beside singers also the songwriters, have brought feeling of joy, high spirits of thoughts going beyond just visible, and yet the sense of togetherness with all present. Either their own songs, either resung the known numbers, all were well accepted, and didn’t take too long to join them with singing and dancing.

Comments: 0 Date: 12 Jan 2013

Interview with Jean Francois

Jean Francois was very delighted that the group jumped with him into the unknown during the one day workshop on Collective Intelligence. He felt blessed on the behave that everybody surrendered to the journey and offered him full trust. The purpose of Collective Intelligence on the conventional level was full-filled but his wish for everyone to leave with a sense of freedom towards the individual being and the collective won’t be answered for him. In the end it is about the essential being and not about a particular goal.

Comments: 0 Date: 12 Jan 2013
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