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Daily Archives: 2015/04/02

Matrimandir Gardens Presentation

Mira and Mark presented their plans for the  gardens to the public at Cinema Paradiso on August 31.
Special guests were Richard and Kailas who spoke frequently with The Mother regarding her conceptions for the garden.
Kailas had strong comments on the Garden of Life. Audience comments related to water use, creating gardens which bloomed in late afternoon, possible recreational use for the gardens and music.
The entire presentation will be on AVNet with a period for comments opening soon. 

Comments: 3 Date: 02 Apr 2015

Fresh Poetry Jam at Sacred Groves

Auroville’s first Poetry Jam brought together 10 poets: B, Vierta, Usha, Cameron Sabron, Zurash, Simon, Monica, Julie and Jill; 10 poetic characteristics: Romantic, Dramatic, Speechless, Enlightened, Epic, Thrilling, Comic, Awesome, Tragic and Eye-opening; and 10 delicious jams courtesy of Naturellement. How they aligned was determined by either members of the audience or a panel of experts. Who would be voting was determined by each poet in the moment. Characteristics were represented in Auropaper bouquets–each one a flower. Before each poet could perform, MC Peter asked them a series of hilarious questions so the audience could know them better. Mara was responsible for vote tallying which as the final results came turned out to be a little lopsided. Nevertheless all jams were distributed and every poet left a winner.
As MC Gi explained, this is the difference between a Poetry Slam where poets compete and a Poetry Jam where poets come together for their own and the audience’s enjoyment.

Comments: 0 Date: 02 Apr 2015

Music, Pony Farm Road

On Saturday 4th at 8pm at Unity Pavilion, International Zone we can listen to Melodies and Words, a concert with Clementine, Jivatman, Susana, Swaha (vocals) and Chandra (bansuri) and Rolf (guitar); Songs in English, French, Portuguese and Spanish, composed by Jivatman.

Tuesday 7th of April, at 4.30pm at Unity Pavilion The Residents’ Assembly Service (RAS) would like to invite all General Meeting to discuss the Proposed Construction of a New Road (Mangalam Radial) in the Pony Farm Area, Kottakarai.

Festival at Adishakti to celebrate Veenapani Chawla‘s birth anniversary Sunday 5th at 7pm Kirtana Krihsna Jazz concert, at 8pm The Musical World of SD Burman multimedia presentation at 9.30pm Arulmigu Sri Iyyappan Nataka Mandram presents Raja Sooya Yagam (Therukoothu) followed by Pragaladhan Sarithram (Folk Drama).

Whatever method is used, persistence and perseverance are essential.
For whatever method is used, the complexity of the natural resistance will be there to combat it.
– Sri Aurobindo
ref. Letters on Yoga, p.569

Comments: 0 Date: 02 Apr 2015
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