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Daily Archives: 2015/10/27

La ronde des saisons en Ayurveda

Le Pavillon de France Pitchandikulam Forest – Herbal Team presentent

Comment prendre soin de notre corps pendant la mousson avec l’’Ayurveda et l’utilisation des plantes locales par Bérengère, Docteur en Ayurveda
Le corps sort d’une saison difficile, l’été. Les rayons du soleil et la chaleur ont extirpé l’énergie et l’enthousiasme, laissant le corps affaibli et moinsrésistant.
Nous voyons qu’elles sont les conditions dans le corps et l’esprit au sortir de l’été et comment elles peuvent être agravées pendant la mousson.
Quelles sont les indications quotidiennes et de saison pour retrouver un confort de vie, éviter les déséquilibres et maladies ?
Quelles sont les plantes et légumes à utiliser et à manger pendant cette période?

Comments: 0 Date: 27 Oct 2015

Mother's Q&A – August 31, 1955

Mother’s Questions and Answers, August 31, 1955

Mother explains how work is given in the Ashram for personal progress. She describes the true way to be acting all the time and the right way to rest. She also speaks about the progressive vulgarization going on in the world.

NKN Begins with Sanskrit workshop

Chandresh shares with us the first upcoming event (connected with the National Knowledge Network) organized in Auroville using the newly laid fiber optic cables on Sanskrit Grammar with the University of Hawaii Professor Rama N Sharma and here at the SAIIER conference room. For Resgistration and details see below.

*A workshop on P??ini

“it is one of the greatest monuments of human intelligence.” – George Cardona

Professor Rama Nath Sharma (University of Hawaii) will present a workshop that will allow students already familiar with Sanskrit to dive deep into it’s most beautiful and ancient grammatical traditions. P?nini has influenced not just contemporary linguistics but many other fields and is one of the greatest scholars in India’s history.

Date: 12-15 November 2015
Venue: SAIIER Conference Room
Pre-requisites: Some knowledge of Sanskrit grammar is required (this is not a beginners workshop)


Registration can be done online at

"Radio Girl"

Samira Bose, our volunteer for past month shares some thoughts on volunteering, AVRadio, Avillians, projects, love and life…
Although she appears very confident , calm yet energetic, she admits that at her arrival after graduating from University, was at a confusing threshold of her life.
During her first visit to Auroville, she volunteered at Buddha Garden and perceived  the city through rose colored glasses. This time round at the radio, she has managed to peel some layers, and peek closer to what this city with its ideals is about. Although still a bit romantic with a big portion of idealism, she sees the reality of it.
With that what she is, and to what she will become, with all her enthusiasm and will to learn, work, and actively participate, she has won the hearts of our team, and radio public, …. a genuine “radio girl”, who fell in love with many people, fell in love with one, and fell in love with Auroville.

Comments: 0 Date: 27 Oct 2015
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