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Daily Archives: 2015/12/07

Mother's Q&A – October 12 1955

Mother’s Questions and Answers, October 12, 1955
Part One

Mother speaks about the manifestation of the new world and the new consciousness. She speaks about how soon the complete change of consciousness will manifest and speaks of some of the conditions necessary for the change to take place. She also explains what is in people in the present time that gives the idea that the change will be relatively soon. Then she describes what is necessary to be the first to be ready to start on the new path that will open up when the change comes. She also describes who will not experience it. The original French tape recording of this class is not available this week.

Our Water, and Rainfall

Recording rainfall has made the community happy since our aqaufiers were already critically low. We have quite a bunch of our members who collect data, and monitor the rainfall.

Tom, who works at TDC and CSR shares with us some insight on recently felt rain. Auroville is very diverse not only people but also the types of soil, forest density … which all together does create a very strong, unique and diverse micro climate. The nature either we want it or not, does have a big word in the equation, and for recent records of rainfall we can be only thankful

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Community Participate, Future S

With Caroline, one of 10 students from Queens Universtiy from Canada, we made a phone interview in which she invites the community to tomorrow’s workshop at Unity Pavilion at 3pm. Sutdents will look with all of us at community features that residents wants to see in Residental Zone 1 and 2.
On Saturday at 4pm they invites us to a presentation of their work here in Auroville on planning and involvement of residents in it.

On Friday 11th between 2pm to 5pm Future Schools open their doors and start a fundraising.

Let us go to sleep with a prayer and wake with an aspiration for the New and Perfect Creation.
Words of The Mother, Vol. 14

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