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Daily Archives: 2016/02/07

Manifestation on the Way Forward PT2

Second part – afternoon session of Manifestation on the Way Forward

Comments: 0 Date: 07 Feb 2016

Manifestation to the Way Forward

Recording of Friday 5th February at Unity Pavilion Manifestation on the Way Forward.
How can the administration of an ideal society be structured to enable living human unity in action? What is already in place needs to be added or strengthened? We will look at it from the different viewpoints of education/economy/governance) Imagine the administrative structure of an ideal society as already established, with all bodily needs of each person equally provided for.
· What duties and responsibilities are my contribution to Auroville – the City the Earth needs? For what action am I willing to sign up for?

AIAT – New Campus

At the joyful occasion at AIAT New Campus yesterday at Aurobrindavan many dignitary guest were present along with Mr. Achim Fabig General Consul of Federal Republic of Germany. Germany does support AIAT from the beginning, and this new campus has been initiated two years back with over 2,5 crores donated to spent on it.
Those new facilities will offer youth of the region training in fitter and welder trades as well as in mechanical draughtsmanship, following the dual system of German’s education.
The campus itself is the first one which use biological waste water treatment along with other sustainable components of the buildings, place carefully in the mango orchard.

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