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Daily Archives: 2016/08/16

A4A Phase 3

After tow successful years of fundraising Acres for Auroville (A4A) yesterday, 15th of August Auroville Interantional along with Auroivlle’s “Lands for Auroville Unified” launched third phase of the campaign.
Present was honourable Secretary of the Auroville Foundation Thiru Mohan Verghese Chunkath, as chief guest , along with Alan representing senior Aurovilians,and Inge the youth. Those three “cut the ribbon: to launch third, and expanded phase of the “Acres for Auroville”.
Skype conversation with Mandkaini , who greeted all present, followed by short presentations of other active members of A4A – Aryadeep, Sigrid and Jasmin.

Mother's Q&A – 11-1-56

Mother’s Questoins & Answers, January 11, 1956

Mother speaks of consecrating ones life, all one is and all one has, to the Divine. It does not matter how much you have or what you are. What you are, give that; what you have, give that and your gift will be perfect from the spiritual point of view. If one does that, and follows quite sincerely and exactly the indications given, nothing more can be asked. But this is only when one has made the decision to consecrate everything entirely. Until then nothing is asked. Mother also speaks of the eternal nature of growth and progress and says that the joy of progress should be endless and that the progress of consciousness never ends. This week we have the original tape recording of Mother’s class in French.

IYD with Gratitude and Generosity

International Youth Day was celebrated here in Auroville for two days – Friday 12th and Saturday 13th at Unity Pavilion. Both days filled with joy , grace, and lots of positivity. Main actors of the events were members of Youth Link. On Firday they have presented themselves, their scope of work, goals, hopes.
Sturday passed in more cheerful way with different stalls, acts, conversations, music …..
through busy chatter Chandana managed to catch some of the participants for short interviews.

Blank Page

Tamaasha Theater Production presented last night at Adishkati a Blank Page – an interpretation of contemporary Indian poetry through theater, music and movements.
Under the direction of Sunil Shanbag we had a chance to hear exploration of new texts and ideas with nine actors sharing with the audience a seamless flow of poetry. Peoms of different contemporary authors talking about life, intimacy, relationships … not avoiding taboos.

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