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Daily Archives: 2016/12/06

Synthesis of Yoga Pt 1 Ch 2

Here is the completion of Chapter 2 Self-Consecration of Part One Yoga of Divine Works, page 78 through page 88.
” A constant and unfailing will of consecration of all ourselves to the Supreme is demanded of us, an offering of our whole being and our many-chambered nature to the Eternal who is the All ….. total fullness of consecration can only come by a constant progression when the long and difficult process of transforming desire out of existence is completed in an ungrudging measure……constant rejection of all that is not the true Truth of the Divine …..perfect self-consecration implies perfect self-surrender….”

Mother's Q & A – 9/5/56

Mother’s Questions And Answers, May 9, 1956

Mother explains that the true spiritual life begins when we are in conscious communion with our psychic being and when we are conscious of the Divine Presence in us, and it governs our life. She explains what Sri Aurobindo means when when he says that materially we are nothing, spiritually we are everything. Then she answers a question about being influenced and helped by the new Supramental force that has just manifested. In this class, Mother’s sense of humor comes to the fore.

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