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The After Meeting Interview

The new Entry Process is launching an additional introduction to Auroville to the existing Aspiration program.

Mother's Q and A – 15/8/56 part 2

Mother speaks on why one might ask if the Divine Grace is all-powerful. The story of Sri Aurobindo's escape.

FA – 639 Hz

Within healing frequencies - ancient sofleggio scale with FA – 639 Hz, which reconnect, balance relationships...

Auroville in Dehli, Road Work

Journey of Auroville in the light of the 50th in Dehli from 22nd to 25th. 22nd at 5pm at Bhumika Hall-World-Soul....

MI 528Hz

within ancient solfeggio frequencies is third one MI 528Hz, and you can listen to this "miracolous" frequency of love.

The After Meeting Interview

The Mentor Pool Meeting

On Saturday the 18th of November 2017, at the…

Mother's Q and A – 15/8/56 part 2

Is The Divine Grace All-Powerful ?

This week, in the second half of…

MI 528Hz

Third in the ancient solfeggio scale is MI 528Hz

Intent: transformation and miracles (DNA…

Adishakti`s Hindu Nov 2017 Fest Tour by Lail Arad and JF Robitaille

Adishakti is a beautiful place.
As I enter the candle lit area, I…