Capoeira workshop at Solitude

Capoeira workshop at the solitude festival in Auroville on the 24th September 2016.

Welcome Talk, Live Music

On Wedensday at 3pm at SAIEER Welcome Talk for future newcomers. Live Music on Friday at 8pm at CRIPA

5th LUYE – Jam Session

5th LUYE with Jam Session for the end with Guarav, Mishko M'ba, Shanks, Sound and Taher.

5th LUYE – Emergence

5th LUYE with "home" band of Emergence has left hardly any body seated. Premaculture Revolution!

5th LUYE – Jazz Cats

5th LUYE - Jazz Cats on stage with excellent home musicians - Matt, Holger, Rolf, Mihsko M'Ba and Shanks.

Capoeira workshop at Solitude

what was supposedly to be a workshop turned into one of the most happening…


NADA HOMAN – Autumn Equinox 2016
CRIPA, Sep. 23. Twilight, 6-7 pm
– an…

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Comments: 0Date: 24 Sep 2016

5th LUYE – Jazz Cats

5th edition of Livley Up Your Earth (LUYE) at Solitude Farm , and on…

Open Roda

Capoeira group Ginga Saroba with Professor Samuka da India e Alunos yesterday at sunset…