Stepping into theLight of Freedom

Dr. Sehdev Kumar shares his forth lecture on "Being&Consicousness" -Stepping into the Light of Freedom.

VOX POP on Foooood

a meal for Aurovillians

Nomination Time, RAS helps

ARA invites on 3rd at 4pm at UP for meeting on Housing crisis and Decision Making Process.


'ann-yeong-haseyo' says Mr. Sachin, volunteer at The Youth Centre, Auroville

Selections par Gangalakshmi – 87

Cette semaine; Les Entretiens de Mere 1955

VOX POP on Foooood

Luna, Ganga and Tharan have gone around AV for the past week to ask…

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Comments: 0Date: 30 Jul 2016


Sachin, an Indian based Korean film actor is currently a volunteer at the Youth…