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Far Out Afrofuturism

This piece is all about AfroFuturism, featuring ten of stellar musical videos, showcasing parts of the genre ....

Pottery with Supriya Menon

Visit Supriya's studio in Auroville to know and learn the art of pottery making.

The Auroville Charter

The Auroville Charter in Korean language, read by Solgi.

VOX POP on Water

We did of VOX POP on water shortage in Auroville, and what each does to conserve water, ...

Film Festivals, Our Water,

On 22nd at 4pm bring toys at AloT, opposite PTDC. Nominations for working groups started!. RAS for info.

Pottery with Supriya Menon

Through talks with Supriya, a ceramic artist, we get to know about herself, her…

The Auroville Charter

Auroville was born on 28 February 1968. Its founder, the Mother, created the Auroville…

Some A R Rahman (Hindi Playlist)

AR Rahman, who hails from Tamil Nadu, is known to be one of…

VOX POP on Water

We did of VOX POP on water shortage in Auroville., trying to find out…

Horses in Auroville

Horses and Humans share a special relationship with each other through love and understanding….