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Photographer:Yahalom | Auroville Children Choir Photographer:Yahalom | Uttara and Daniel with Martin Photographer:Yahalom | Tara and Marting Photographer:Yahalom | Marisa and Amara with Andy Photographer:Yahalom | India and Alice with Rolf Photographer:Yahalom | Daniel Photographer:Yahalom | Rando and Jam with Krishna

A Dream Concert

Program by :

It is amazing that most of the time we are not really aware how many talented children we got in the city. Jana has gathered some of those who are practicing music on different ways, either with teachers or on their own, maybe with friends, and introduced them last night at Youth Center with the program they have named A Dream Concert. Starry night, full of enthusiasm and excitement because some were on the stage for the first time, some shared music that they have composed … but in all joyfully accepted by gathered audience… Hallelujah

Auroville Choir conducted by Jana – Zea, Jasmine, Luna, Uttara, Daniel, Auroshri, Ganga, Manisa, Pooja, Sarah, AAvayari, Hannah, Sauman, Jam, Rando
….other performers Amara, Tara, Victoria, Alice, India, and teachers Jana, Martin, Agne, Pushkar, Rolf, Andy, Rishikesh

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23 Feb / 2013

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Auroville Children Choir
Uttara and Daniel with Martin
Tara and Marting
Marisa and Amara with Andy
India and Alice with Rolf
Rando and Jam with Krishna