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The AurovilleRadio Project

AurovilleRadio invites the involvement of all people interested in the project of exploring, developing communication and creating valuable content, to connect and link between different cultures.

AurovilleRadio produces programs that foster communication, regardless of cultural differences. We aspire to create and nurture communication within Auroville, and to serve as a bridge of communication between Auroville, the surrounding villages, and the world.

We are committed to record, collect, and broadcast daily events happening in Auroville.
Programs are intended as a platform for Auroville residents, educational centres, and listeners from all over the world.Content is produced in multiple languages and covers a large scope of topics.
AurovilleRadio’s Team Members
Andrea (IT) – Management & Coordination
Chloé (FR) – Free Lance Contents Producer
Gino (IT) – Content Producer & Live Stream Management
Loretta (US) – Content Producer
Marlenka (US) – Content Producer
Mimansha (IN) – Content Producer
Miriam (SI) – News Editor & Audio Content Production Coordinator
Ray (BE) – Content Producer
Roland (FR) – Content Producer & Strategy Development
Romel (IN) – Content Producer
Serena (UK) – Coordination & Video Content Production
Stefano (IT) – Sound Engineer & Content Producer
Stephen (UK) – Content Producer
Yahalom (IL) – Software Engineer / IT Research & in house Software Development

Darner (US) – Content Producer
Karmen (SP) – Content Producer
Kenden (US) – Content Producer
Lucrezia (IT) – Photographer
Shipra (IN) – Architect

BlueLight Tech Team  – Server Administrator & Networking  (BlueLight)
iCiti – Server Administrator & Internet provider (iCiti)
Jaromil – Free media tools researcher and open technologies (

Andrea Borgnino (IT) – FM radio expert, journalist
Christine (FR) – Fundraiser / Radio producer
Daniel (IT) – Journalist
Deenaz (IN) – Social tools and web analytics
Didier (FR) – Sound engineer (
Dmitry (KZ) – Software Engineer
Jean Christophe (FR) – Software Engineer / IT R&D
Joël (FR) – Sound engineer
Julian Lines – Advisor
Kristen (US) – Content Producer & Fundraising
Ketan (IN) – Web Optimization & Social Networking
Raghu (NL) – Strategy & Development
Sarah Strauss (USA) – Sociological Survey & Research
Sergio (BE) – Web Sites development
Sheril (IN) – Architect
Uriel (FR) – Web Sites development
Victoria (FR) – Web Developer

Stichting De Zaaier
Foundation for World Education
AVI International
…. and many well wishers

The Wall of Fame…
The AurovilleRadio project has been developed thanks to the involvement of many volunteers.
Here some of them:
The many students from Future School (Auroville)
Ancolie (FR), Finn (DE), Ann (FR), Veronica (UK), Thomas (DE), Mattia (IT), Jean (CAN), Joanna (PL),Jule (DE), Juergen (DE), Marco (IT), Matias (AR), Amos (DE), Maximilian (DE), Julika (DE), Ashwin (IN), David (CH), Vinay (IN), Vigyan (CAN), Shyraz (IN), Lola (SP), Elisabeth (UK), Fabien (FR), Finn (DE), Gaspard (FR), Oleg (UKR), Mirco (IT), Manuel (CHILE), Kien (VIETNAM), Auroasha (FR), Vinodhini (IN), Giordano (IT), Mari (BR), Till (DE), Davide (IT), Anjali (IN), Kathi (DE), Sandra (NL), Davide (IT), Tulsi (IN), Iyamperumal (IN), Andréa (USA), Akash (DE), Kias (IN), Raghu (BL), Vivek (IN), Tina (NL), Elaine (BR), Chloé (IN), Carole (FR), Kazim (FR), Sean (DE), Vika (US), Rose (UK), Doru (CA), Kharthik (IN), Anna (RU), David (CH), Manu (AT), Mattia (IT)Mattia (EN), Pavan (UK), Varun (IN), Nadine (DE), Camille (USA), Mike (RU), Olivier (BE), Vinu Karthik (IN), Annina – (CH), Steffi (DE), Antonio (IT), Arved (DE), Ayan (IT), Tarini (IN), Alex (ES), Maria (ES), Jonathan (FR), Bijan (IR), Anne (FR), Khushnaz (IN), Pratiksha (NP), Sajju (NP), Lauren (USA), Louis (USA), Patrick (DE), Anitha (IN), Anastasiya (UKR), Deborah (BR), Eloise (FR),  Karthik (IN), Naveen (IN), Vidya (US), Ketan (IN), Francesca (IT), Andréa (USA), Kiran (IN), Emma (USA), Julia (USA), Gijs (NL), Mishel (RU), Kirill (RU), Sudhakar (IN), Kati (DE), Matej (SI), Paolo (IT), Samuel (FR), Victor (CAN),  Rubin (USA),Stjen (NL), Hans (DE), Monica (DE), Stuti (IN), Philippe (FR), Eric (SA), Vishal (IN), Sharan (IN), Misha (RU), Fleur (BE), Carla (DE), Alberto (SP), Oliver (DE), Minu (IN), Shivani (IN), Puja (IN), Samira (IR), Hans (BE), Camila (USA), Camile (FR), Montse (CL), Anurag (IN), Amaia (SP), Tessan (SW), Kimbo (AUS), Fif (CAN), Jorren (NL), Gerard (SW), Marek (DE), Stella (DE), Tanja (DE), Loretta (USA), Abhiram (IN), Amish (CAN), Giuseppe (IT), Maria (IT), Mari (BR), Siva (IN), Alix (FR), Thilip (IN), Sebastion (BR), Paola (BR), Dimitri (RU),  Xanne (NL), Alberto A (SP), Tatjana (UKR), Archana (IN), Ioannis(GR), Kim (DE), Partick (FR), Agnes (DE), Bruno (PT), Gerald (SE), Amanda (UK), Alexandre (FR), Annie (FR), Julie (FR), Herman (SA), Roberto (SP), Thierry (FR), Varalakshmi (IN), Emanuel (BE), Gilles (FR), Olivia (US), Divya (IN), Patrick (FR), Anaiytha (IR), Boobalan (IN), Sergio (BE), Fernando (PT), Devaja (IN), Mirjam (US),  Paige (US), Shia (IL), Adam (UK), Alisha (IN), Sabrina (IT), Vincent (IN), Aparna (IN), Kunal (IN), Albert (USA), Petra (NL), Marie (FR), Luigi (IT), Giovanni (IT), Erika (FR), Siam (FR), Jane (UK), Samira (IN), Alpi (IN), Cameron (CAN), Niveditha (IN), Premnath SK (IN), Vinnoli (IN), Anil (IN), Freida (DE), Sandrine (FR), Friederike (DE) Pritica (IN), Pedro (PT), Chethan (IN), Aaporva (IN), Aswathi (IN), Auroanand (IN), Karthick (SL), Pierre (FR), Adriane (SU), Silke (DE), Nadeesh (IN), Clovis (BD), Neha (IN), Pietro (IT), Stephen Anurag P (IN), Siddharth (IN), Renu (SW)  … & counting …

AurovilleRadio Equipment
1    Digital mixing desk Presonus (StudioLive-2442AI)
1    Digital mixing desk Presonus (StudioLive 16.4.2)
1    Digital phone hybrid (Telos Hx2)
8   PC/Mac for audio editing & recording
2   Professional digital recorders (Marantz PMD671)
2   Semi professional digital recorders (Samson Zoom H4)
10 Semi professional digital recorders (Samson Zoom H2 )
2   Semi professional digital recorders (M-Audio Micro Track 24/96)
1   External sound card (M-Audio Firewire 1814)
1   Analogic mixing desk 8 channels (Samson MDR8)
1   Portable analogic mini mixing desk 6 channels (Bheringer)
2   Studio condenser microphone (Neumann TLM103)
1   Mono condenser microphone (AKG 1000 S)
3   Wireless lavalier microphones sets (Sennheiser Evolution G2)
2   Mono dynamic hand microphone (Electrovoice)
2   Mono dynamic hand microphone (AKG)
2   Stereo condenser microphones (Rode NT4)
2   Mono condenser studio microphones (Samson C01)
2   Mono dynamic stage microphone (AKG)
1   Mono condenser hand microphone (Samson C05)
1   Mono condenser shotgun microphone (Audio-Technica AT815B)
1   Mono dynamic hand microphone (Audio-Technica Xtreme 5S) – Linux servers & NAS storage
5   Sony MDR-7506 Headphones
2   KRK ROKIT 5 RP5G3 Studio Monitor


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