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Photographer:Amadea | Bogi Photographer:Andrea | Susmita Photographer:Amadea | Poetry Jam at Sacred Grove 28th at 7.30pm Photographer:Amadea | Presentation Kalpana Housing Project today at 4.30pm at SAIIER Photographer:Amadea | Audrey's  exhibition inauguration on 28th Photographer:Amadea | Trio Benares tonight at 7.30pm at Bharat Nivas Photographer:Amadea | Auroville Youth - Youth Representative Team invites on 28th at 4pm at SAIIER

Accessible Bus, Youth Initiative

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In today’s news we are featuring two interviews – one with Susmita about the bus accessible to all, and one with Bogi from Hungarina Pavilion in International Zone about the Hungarian Caravan.
Today at 4.30pm SAIIER conference room  the public presentation of Kalpana Housing project.
Trio Benares at 7.30pm at Sri Aurobindo Auditorium, Bharat Nivas, Pavilion of India, International Zone.
Saturday 28th March at at the SAIIER Conference Hall the current Youth Representative team would like to invite you to a special event.
28th at 7.30pm at Sacred Grove Poetry Jam and Open Mic.

It is the very nature of the soul or the psychic being to turn towards the divine Truth as the sunflower to the sun; it accepts and cling to all that is divine or progressing towards divinity, and draws back from all that is a perversion or a denial of it, from all that is false and undivine.
– The Synthesis of Yoga, Sri Aurobindo

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