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Photographer:Andrea | Susmita (left) and Sauro Photographer:Andrea | Susmita (left) and Sauro

Accessible transportation for all

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Susmita, working at Accessible Auroville, and Sauro, working at l’’Avenir d’’Auroville, received a donation from Italy to purchase a bus for public transport in Auroville.
They are telling us how they have changed it into an Accessible Public Bus’ first one in Tamil Nadu: everyone will be able to use it. This bus will be a model for the future ones.
Accessibility creates an inclusive society where would pave the way for equal rights and participation of people with temporary or permanently reduced mobility in all community activities. Access and Accessible refer to the freedom of choice to enter approach, communicate or make use of a situation or environment without assistance and undue difficulties.
Accessibility means to create an inclusive community: to embrace the ideals of all people living together harmoniously in a barrier – free world without fear of exclusion and discrimination.
Nowadays in all countries the accessibility has become compulsory.

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Paola palesa Dec 20, 2015 Reply

Beautifull I am very happy for you

Anjlee Dec 21, 2015 Reply

Congrats. More power to you. One more step forward towards Accessible Auroville.

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Susmita (left) and Sauro
Susmita (left) and Sauro