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Afterpunk Playlist with Sic Sixx

Program by :

It’s Saturday, and DJ Sic Sixx wants to continue with the dark vibe he has set in his previous playlist, so this time we have a playlist exploring goth rock and the 80’s afterpunk scene.
We hope you enjoy.

Deliverance (The Mission)
Cuts You Up (Peter Murphy)
She’s In Parties (Bauhaus)
A Forest (The Cure)
In Your Room Zephyr Mix+original album version (Depeche Mode)
Killing Loneliness (HIM)
One Second (Paradise Lost)
Head Like A Hole (Nine Inch Nails)
In The Cold Light Of Morning (Placebo)

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Zoiudo Aug 23, 2015 Reply

Amazing playlist! Yahuuuuuu

Renu Aug 28, 2015 Reply

Will we hear the Pixies too?

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Working hard
(Still)working hard