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Photographer:Anahita |  Albert Sultanov Photographer:Anahita | Albert Sultanov Photographer:Anahita | Albert Sultanov & Alla Dulh

Alba Music

Program by :

Last Wednesday, on December 11th, Alla Dulh`s exhibition in the Square Circle Gallery, Kala Kendra (Bharat Nivas), closed with a concert. Russian Albert Sultanov played Alba music, which is a trance meditation music based on Indian instruments and mantras. The word Alba means sunrise of the inner sun.

"This sunrise brings light of peace and harmony to dissolve darkness of ignorance. "Infused by Yoga Practice, I start to make "Yogic Psy-Chill", using powerful mantras and Indian melodies. So there are three ways in my life which leads to one – Spiritual Practice, Music and Love. Be aware every single microsecond and do not loose the moment of now! From the bottom of my hearth…" source:, Albert Sultanov profile

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11 Dec / 2013

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 Albert Sultanov
Albert Sultanov
Albert Sultanov & Alla Dulh