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Photographer:Alma | Josh Photographer:web | bamboo Photographer:web | one of the previous bamboo builiding wporkshops at Bamoo Centre

All for All in Collaboration

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In today’s news we are featuring Josh inviting us on Friday 9th of July at 3pm at Town Hall 1st floor meeting room to a meeting – fresh fruit putlock – All for all

On Saturday 9th at 8pm at VC we are invited to a Creative Traveling School Concert..

Special Course Bamboo Building & Self Awareness Camp 11th of July to 30th of July.

You must never forget that the outer person is only the form and the symbol of an eternal Reality, and that, passing through the physical appearance, it is to this higher Reality that you must turn. The physical being cannot become truly expressive of the Eternal Reality until it is completely transformed by the supramental manifestation. And until then, it is by it passing through it that you must find the Truth.
The Mother

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04 Jul / 2016

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one of the previous bamboo builiding wporkshops at Bamoo Centre