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Photographer:Andi | Auroville Ambulance Photographer:Andi | New ambulance at Kailash Clinic Photographer:Andi | Kailash Clinic

Ambulance and Games

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In today’s news we feature interview of Andi with Ruslan about recently received new ambulance at the Kailash Clinic, and what possible changes that new vehicle might bring. In remembrance of late G. Dattatri, member Advisory Committee – L’avenir d Auroville, invites all to a quiet homage to him today at 5. pm under the Banyan tree at Matrimandir. Children of ages between 6 to 96 are invited by Lilaloka on Saturday,29th at butterfly barn -Svedame to come and play an old Games board session. Games could be played from that day on on Saturdays.

Whatever the appearance we must bear, whatever our strong ills and present fate, when nothing we can see but drift and bale, a mighty Guidance leads us still trough all. Sri Aurobindo

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