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Photographer:team | Stephen and Sachin pose at the Auroville Radio station Photographer:team | Inside the Recording studio


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Sachin, an Indian based Korean film actor is currently a volunteer at the Youth Centre, Auroville.

His journey to Korean film industry all the way from the Indian Ocean has been discussed in the interview. Mr. Sachin is very much passionate about ‘human peace and unity’, and that idea has brought him to Auroville to relax and refresh himself from a regular life. He even adds that, if any person wants to spend some time away from the busy city atmosphere without chaos then Auroville is the best choice.

He also talks about Korean films, and also spoke few Korean words like ‘hello’.

He suggests the youth to think beyond borders and put efforts in reaching their goals by streamlining their interests and not deviating from their way.

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28 Jul / 2016

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Stephen and Sachin pose at the Auroville Radio station
Inside the Recording studio