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Art for AV Land

Program by :

Featuring Jasmin and Aravinda with invitation to tomorrow’s fundraising auction “Art for Auroivlle Land” at 4.30 pm at Unity Pavilion. Over 80 art works of 30 artist are been contributed, and on display at UP this afternoon and whole day tomorrow.
After the art auction at 6pm Presentation by Anusuya Kumar Close Encounters: Johannes Hohlenberg (1881-1960) with Sri Aurobindo and the Mother .

Tuesday March 1st, 4.30 to 6.30 pm at SAIIER Getting Around….Mobility in Auroville

Whatever work you do, do it as perfectly as you can, That is the best service to the Divine in man.
The Words of the Mother Vol.14

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29 Feb / 2016

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Jasmin and Aravinda
The Mother
Golden Day
Joy of Learning 1st of March at SAIIER at 4.30pm
Nicholas Roerich  Yoga of Light
Golden Day