3 Sevens playing at Bharat Nivas
by Herman   
Monday, 11 February 2013
3 Sevens (Photographer: Herman)Coming all the way from Bangalore we have Kamal Singh and his brother teaming up to preform for us as 3 Sevens. 3 sevens is an Alternative band that was formed in 2000 by Kamal Singh who over the years have been joined by various other artist. His influences range from Pop,90's Alternative Rock,Grunge and Punk to various styles of Indian music. So if you are missing a loved one or need to be by your self please join us for this soul clensing music.

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www.myspace.com/777music 3 Sevens (Photographer: Herman) 3 Sevens (Photographer: Herman) Kamal Singh (Photographer: Herman) Kamal Singh (Photographer: Herman) Kamal Singh (Photographer: Herman)