Los Trovadores Poetry Round Table
by Kristen   
Thursday, 02 May 2013
Jill tells the story of her poetry collection On an idyllic late afternoon outside the Visitors Center a small group convened to share in an appreciation of poetry. Around a round table we sat, serenaded by musicians in the cool shade of trees as the day drew toward dusk. Anandi, Jill, Roger, and Celestine shared their own poems while others recited favorites from Sri Aurobindo, Borges and more. Hear beautifully diverse voices express, in their own words and others', impressions and reflections inspired by Auroville, music, love, aspiration, unity and the soil underfoot.

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Manohar recites Salvatore di Giacomo (Photographer: Kristen) Roger reads from a collection of his poems (Photographer: Kristen) Celestine recites her poetic tribute to Marc Vela (Photographer: Kristen) Krishna reads works by Sri Aurobindo (Photographer: Kristen) Anandi reads from her poetry collection (Photographer: Kristen)