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Who walk? What flies? Kabir Fest
by Giuseppe & Maria   
Tuesday, 17 April 2012
Who walks? What flies? 5 artists' exhibition in Kala Kendra (photo: works by Sandhya Gopinath and Srivi Kalyan) (Photographer: Maria)Who walks? What flies? it's a collective exhibition about the Kabir poetry in Kala Kendra by 5 artists. They speak about their works in the interview, in chronological order: Audrey Wallace, Srivi Kalyan: drawings art works by the children of Udavi School; Orijit Sen, graphic designer from Delhi: Hair burn like a grass; Srivi presents her sister Sandhiya Kalyan's mix-media installation; Audrey Wallace Taylor: Rajasthan Kabir Yatra drawings series; Sandhya Gopinath: Maya's painting series; Srivi Kalyan: Playing with Kabir mix media installation. Read more

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Polish Art Exhibition
by Giuseppe & Maria   
Monday, 12 March 2012
Kala Kendra Square Circle Gallery (Photographer: Maria)On Saturday the 3rd at 4 pm in Kala Kendra is started the exhibition Misja Auropol (Mission in Auroville) by six contemporary artist from Poland currently residing in Auroville, . The Collective exhibition as a result of cultural geography experiment meant to test how the reality of Auroville would influence artists' attitudes and practices. The works shown at the exhibition present wide array of media used in contemporary art, from painting to sculpture, installation and experimental film. The project is curated by Janek Simon. Read more

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Flip - Flop in the gardens
by Andrea   
Wednesday, 22 February 2012
Morning fog  (Photographer: Andrea)This recording was created on February 21st, shortly after the morning concentration at the Amphiteater. My walk started at the Matrimandir's gate toward the Banyan and back through the peace area, where I recorded conversations, guests entering the Matrimandir, workers busy in their tasks, and the songs of many birds. All the while, the rhythm of my feet on the earth accompanies the diverse sounds of the recording. Soundscapes, to me, share the beauty of a space in a way that doesn't have to be communicated in words; nothing but pure sound.

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Carrie Dashow`s presentation
by Camila   
Tuesday, 10 January 2012
Carrie Dashow, visiting artist prestents Yisree Public Notary (Photographer: Andrea)Visting artist Carrie Dashow shared her work with the Auroville community on the 6th of January at MMC. Dashow, a performance and video artist, lives and works in New York City. Dashow uses music, performance, video and subject participation to examine questions of citizenship, subjectivity, and community. For her most recent piece, Yesiree Public Notary, Dashow served as a Public Notary at the Occupy Wall Street movement notarizing the testimonials of those partaking in the protests. Read more

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”A New We”
by Tanja   
Friday, 30 September 2011
Outside the cinema (Photographer: Tanja)On the second day of the Auroville Film Festival many people came already in the morning. A film that seems to have grabbed special interest was "A New We" and was documenting the lifestyle of 10 intentional Communities and Ecovillages in Europe. Listen to the inspirations and insights that Aurovillians got from the lifestyle of those communities and their feeling about the Festival.

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Comment ça va sur la terre ?
by Sandrine & Sam   
Friday, 09 September 2011

Magic Earth (Photographer: Google)C'est l'heure oú les idées toutes faites tombent et se cassent. Plus rien ne reste sous nos têtes. En tombant, les idées toutes faites font d’étranges bruits, et c'est la fête ! Nous sommes dans un jardin d'enfants ! Tout est un jeu,ne nous prenons plus au sérieux: “C'est l'heure de l'inattendu”. Nous sommes tous sur le même terrain de jeu. Inspiration: Stage de radio créative offert par Chloé, les textes de Jean Tardieu et M. Druon, Euridyce, Yvelise, Manohar et les chaises grinçantes du cinema Paradiso.

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Installations and Exhibitions
by Miriam   
Monday, 08 August 2011
Krishna (Photographer: Miriam)The Auroville FIlm Festival '11 will be bigger than in 2009! The number of locations where it will be happening, the installations, exhibitions: a group of video artists from Berlin gifted to Film Festival '11 fancy installations, which most likely will be on display at La Terrace at Solar Kitchen and at Town Hall. We can expect two exhibitions; one at Kala Kendra, the joint work of Marie Claire, Anna, Chloe and Christoph, their collaborative work of dance, sculpture, sound and video... in Bharat Nivas, artwork of students on Human Unity. Read more

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Auroville Promenade
by Miriam   
Friday, 25 February 2011
Auroville Promenade (Photographer: Miriam)Woven like dreams, images, reflections, music that evokes memories... Holger, Matt, Max ZT, Leonard and Jean gave us a special present during this week of celebrations. It happens to be that at the same time it's also Holger's 20th anniversary of his arrival in Auroville. Out of many pictures taken by Leonard, Holger and Giorgio, a stroll , a promenade was created accompanied by abstract images, telling a story, a vision we never knew, although known to us within. Melodies, accompanied by distorted singing of the mantra, carried us further than the images themselves. Like a long forgotten memory, or a flash back of something that might be there, so palpable but not really within our reach. Read more

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