Kabir on Love
by Shirin   
Tuesday, 10 July 2012
Prahladji Tipanya and his group at SAWCHU, IZ (Photographer: Girogio)Last night at SAWCHU in Bharat Nivas, the Pavilion of Indian Culture in the International Zone gave Kabir lovers a chance of a satsang by Prahladji Tipanya, one of the most compelling folk singers of the poetry of Kabir. Since it is the tradition that the holder of satsang addresses the audience on the topic they would like to talk/sing about, Prahladji's question to the audience met with an almost unanimous voice from the audience - LOVE, which was accompanied by simultaneous translations from Anita, of Prahladji explanations of Kabir verses.

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Prahladji Tipanya and his group, Mita (Photographer: Girogio) Prahladji Tipanya and Audience (Photographer: Girogio) Prahladji Tipanya and Audience (Photographer: Girogio)