Argentina`s Dance Passion
by Kim   
Tuesday, 15 January 2013
Tango Dance Performance (Photographer: Mona)The Tango Evening was astonishing. Approximately 50 Aurovilians, newcomers and guests had gathered to dance Tango and to dine together. The night started with a beginners class in order to get a taste of the music and first body contact. Afterward the surprise dinner strengthened the dancers for the following performance. Aurevan and Jorge, the teachers, also performed and took the crowd into a world of passion and pure body communication. The night ended with a Milonga, a Tango dancing party.

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Aurevan and Jorge in action (Photographer: Mona) Interview with Aurevan and Jorge (Photographer: Mona) Tango Beginners class (Photographer: Mona) Interview with Andrea (Photographer: Mona)