Golden Heart
by Shirin   
Thursday, 17 January 2013

Anna Taj (Photographer: Emi Mazzoni)After a decade of dedicated work and life in Auroville, after years of dormant love and passion for music, after few years of personal growth Anna Taj's CD was released two week ago. Interesting mixture - from melodious jazz, pop, lounge to spiritual influence of Indian music, with many participating, collaborating in creation of Anna's "baby" CD. It took her a year and a half of meticulous work in studio with Rajkumar Rajamanickam and many others in producing, and bringing it to the product we can listen now.

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Golden Heart credits


Lyrics, tunes and vocal – Anna Taj
Piano keyboards, arrangements and effects – Divin Dondieu
Flute and vocal – Rajkumar R.
Guitar – Edoardo Grassi


For the live songs in Auroville, a special thanks to:
Mishko M’ba – Bass
Pierre Fouladou – Guitar
Suresh Bascara – Drums


For “They Are One” A special thanks to:



And thanks to Didier Weiss for his precious technical support!


Layout & picture by Emi Mazzoni
CD graphic by Ipshita Sarkar

Recording and mastering by Rajkumar Rajamanickam Kalai Aruvi recording studio Pondicherry (India).


Chloe and Anna at SAWCHU (Photographer: Doru Vlaj) at Vistior Center (Photographer: Stella Shaler) at Vistior Center (Photographer: Kiril Kamionsky)