Jazz in Transformation
by Shirin   
Saturday, 09 February 2013
Jurriaan and Priscilla - Jazz in Transformation (Photographer: Shirin)Set in the space of art exhibition on Transformation, which is on display at Unity Pavilion in International Zone, Priscilla and Jurriaan named their musical performance Jazz in Transformation. Exceptional duo of two visiting volunteers - Priscilla with her amazing voice capable of true jazz expressions, and Jurriaan on keyboards, also very skillful, and jazz musician by heart. In that combination Friday afternoon has carried us away, partially down the memory lane of big names of jazz singers, but in all in the spaces of heart and soul.

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Jurriaan, Marco and Priscilla in Unity Pavilion (Photographer: Shirin) Marco announcing  (Photographer: Shirin) Jurriaan and Priscilla (Photographer: Shirin) Jurriaan and Priscilla (Photographer: Shirin)