LUYE 2013 - Grey Shack
by Andrea & Ruben   
Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Grey Shak (Photographer: Andrea)Blues Conscience was started in 2008, for the sole purpose to promote the blues in today’s rock and metal influenced live music culture. Their music is an eclectic mix of Rock N' Roll, Grunge, Funk and Blues, thus, the non-conformity to stick to a particular genre. The members draw their influences from numerous acts, which only adds to versatility of Grey Shack's music. https/ -----

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The Vocalist - Rohan Sen, The Guitarist - Vikram Vivekanand, The Bassist - Conrad Simmons. The Drummer - Vinay Ramakrishnan. Grey Shak (Photographer: Andrea) Grey Shak (Photographer: Andrea) Grey Shak (Photographer: Andrea) Grey Shak (Photographer: Andrea)