Auroville Choir
by Herman   
Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Nuria in Action (Photographer: Coriolan / Mia Studio)Come and relive the moment of soothing melodies. The choir preformed a classic and modern repertoire. In total ten songs where sung, some sacred, contemporary, gospel, traditional and pop choral music to the delight of the audience., The choir is mainly Aurovillian but some participants from Pondecherry also. With Nuria in the driving seat and Matt on the piano nothing could go wrong. Thanks to the Auroville Choir it was a great success again. PS The Choir is looking for some male voices.


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Woman (Photographer: Coriolan / Mia Studio) The Presenter (Photographer: Coriolan / Mia Studio) Matt on the Piano (Photographer: Coriolan / Mia Studio) Men (Photographer: Coriolan / Mia Studio) Choir (Photographer: Coriolan / Mia Studio)