Sooner or Later Now
by Nola   
Sunday, 22 April 2012
Matt, Mishko, Suresh and Rolf (Photographer: Nola)Rolf "come back" with guitar, accompanied by Matt Littlewood on keyboard, Mishko M'Ba on bass and Suresh Buscara on drums, was special treat for jazz lovers, friends. It was also his first gig as an author of all the compositions. Light atmosphere of playful jazz, excellent solos of musicians who's skills allow to transcend form the written form to the places beyond, and further, brought broad smiles on the faces of the numerous audience. For the great sound kudos goes to Joel, and for the light to Jean.

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Rolf (Photographer: Nola) Matt's solo (Photographer: Nola) Matt, Mishko, Suresh and Rolf (Photographer: Nola)