Jaco Pastorious Tribute Band
by Andrea and Miriam   
Friday, 24 August 2012

Mishko M'Ba, Suresh Bascara, Matt Littlewood, Karen Joseph (Photographer: Gilles)When Mishko M'Ba greeted the audience with announcement of repertoire which would pay the tribute to Jaco Pastorious, famous bass player, brought many smiles on the faces. The whole gig was special treat for music lovers. Excellent musicians Mishko M'Ba on Bass, Matt Littlewood on saxophone, Suresh Bascara on drums and Karan Joseph on keyboards played known songs of Jaco Pastorious, Pat Metheny, Miles Davis and Joe Zawinul with technical perfection and with all their love for the{ music}.

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THIS IS A NEW RECORDING FROM JOEL'S MIXING DESK AND MASTERED BY HIM, OF THE LIVELY UP YOUR EARTH ECO MUSIC FESTIVAL. Suresh Bascara, Matt Littelwood (Photographer: Gilles) Mishko M'Ba, Matt Littlewood, Karen Joseph (Photographer: Gilles) Joel, Arthur (Photographer: Gilles) Excited Crowd (Photographer: Gilles)