Talent Show
by Tabitha   
Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Colors of Threads, Beads,Necklaces  (Photographer: Girogio)Whole day event of the Africa House - Pavilion of African Culture at Unity Pavilion in International Zone was dedicated to Ethiopia. And as the day has unfolded, aromatic morning of coffee was followed in the afternoon by the Taher's craft and Marc's coffee painting workshops, and to the delight of audience a Talent Show. Those less shy expressed themselves on the small stage of the Unity Pavilion along with African God and Goddess of Rain. No doubt that Haimanot , with Gerhard and Saraswati on flute has lulled all by tunes of evergreen songs

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Taher'sCraft Workshop (Photographer: Girogio) Heimanot Alemu and Usha (Photographer: Girogio) Coffee painting (Photographer: Girogio) Coffee painting (Photographer: Girogio) Talent Show - Gerhard, Heimanot, Saraswati (Photographer: Tabitha) Magic Man Victor, Will on didgeridoo (Photographer: Tabitha)