Bla Bla - Suryan, Priscila...
by Nola   
Sunday, 23 December 2012
Suryan, Priscila (Photographer: Nola)This year name of the Christmas Fair - Bla Bla was in a way a reminder that although it is right that we do communicate in order to progress, we still need to transform the ideas and words into real action. And there was a lot of action, some old, but always popular, activities like bonger spronger, gyroscope, flying fox, and some new ones. At this point of the time in the afternoon Suryan with two guests shared some of the songs. Priscila, also with excellent voice, and a drummer of course brought some fresh dimensions.

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Drummer and Suryan (Photographer: Nola) Bla Bla .....bla bla  (Photographer: Nola) YC Xmass Bla Bla Team (Photographer: Nola)