Poems of Love and Travel
by Sharan   
Friday, 16 August 2013
Monica Mody (Photographer: Antonio)Raining Wednesday evening offered interesting closure with poetry evening. Monica Mody, already known in Auroville, introduced this time her new, soon to be published, book - Kala Pani - with poems of love and travel. She has published three chapbooks of poetry & cross-genre experiments and her writing has recently appeared in The Harper Collins Book of English Poetry, iARTistas, The Poetry, Pyrta, and Northeast Review, among other places. She lives in San Francisco."

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Pitanga  (Photographer: Antonio) Pitanga  (Photographer: Antonio) Pitanga Recption Desk (Photographer: Antonio) Pitanga The Mother (Photographer: Antonio) Pitanga Sir Aurobindo (Photographer: Antonio) Pitanga The Mother and Sri Aurobindo  (Photographer: Antonio)