Cyclone Inversions by Gotz Rogge
by Giuseppe & Maria   
Monday, 02 April 2012
By Gotz Rogge, made with two rolls of photographic paper in a special tent  (Photographer: Maria)On Tuesday 27th at Savitri Bhavan opened the exhibition Cyclone Inversions by Gotz Rogge an artist and an experimental photographer from Berlin, Germany. He organized a workshop with Sasi Somu, the teacher of photography and art at the Future School. It involved some students to make large scale Camera Obscura photographic artifacts about the landscape generated by the cyclone. In the interview (in English) Gotz, Sasi and the student Gal explain us about their experience. Their work is shown untill the 3rd of April. -

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The Camera Obscura was made in two ways. One was into a camping tent with the choice to use one of the two holes at two different levels. Inside they could put one or two large photographic papers to be impressed from the light entering from the hole (called stenopaic hole). They used other two Camera Obscura, two big cardboard boxes which they especially ordered to develop the workshop. They also used various colored filters to obtain different color in the photographs. The subject of the pictures is the landscape they found around them. The way to show it is with a not visible horizon to recognize, but with different points of view, which brings the audience to discover a new universe in nature. In the soundscape of the interview's background we can hear a Gotz's musical composition named Intrauterin # 1. Gotz Rogge are fixing some filter on the stenopaic hole in the tent transformed in Camera Obscura (Photographer: Maria) Gotz with Gal, a student from the workshop, and another kind of Camera Obscura made with a red paperboard box (Photographer: Maria) two works by Gotz Rogge made with the Camera Obscura box (Photographer: Maria) The teacher Sasi Somu and students of Future School at Savitri Bhavan for the exhibition (Photographer: Maria) One of the different shade obtained with various colored filters by Gotz Rogge (Photographer: Maria) Suggestive forms without an horizon as a Gotz Rogge's choice  (Photographer: Maria)