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Barkha Songs of the rains

Barkha Songs of the rains based on Indian Ragas presented by students of Nandita Di and accompanied on the tabla by Debasish Dass ( Pintoo Da ). The concert was performed on Saturday March 21st at Pitanga Cultural Centre, Samasti.

Comments: 0 Date: 26 Mar 2015

Auroville Choirs In Concert

On Saturday night at CRIPA in Kalabhumi the Auroville Adult Choir presented romantic and contemporary western classical music.
The performance started by the Youth Choir presenting popular songs and film themes.
The two choirs then sang few songs together.  Nuria Casanova was conducting the choirs accompanied on piano by Matt Littlewood and Carel  Thieme.
Tonight at 7:30 PM the concert will be again performed at CRIPA.
The same programme will also be presented in the Sir Muthu Venkata Subbu Rao Concert Hall in Chennai on Saturday 7th March.

About the Auroville Choir
The Auroville Choir was founded in 1988 with the aim to promote human unity and to foster a more harmonious collectivity through the joy of singing together, while working to refine singing and develop musicality. Today it consists of 53 Aurovilians from 17 to 70 years. The choir performs cappella as well as with accompaniment of the piano or other instruments. Since 1992, the Auroville Choir has been directed by Nuria Casanova, an Aurovilian from Catalonia, Spain. The choir explores western classical choral music from all time periods including the renaissance, baroque, classical and romantic eras and in different genres such as sacred and oratorio, opera, lied and chanson. It also performs choral music written by contemporary composers and songs from the repertoire of musicals, gospel, folk music and pop. The choir members come from 15 different countries. While it can be challenging to work with a group of people from so many different cultures and musical backgrounds, it is very rewarding for the singers and audience alike to see and hear how well they can blend together, manifesting unity and harmony.


Comments: 0 Date: 01 Mar 2015

Kalabhumi Festival – Part 1

The Kalabhumi Festival was held at the Kalabhumi community on the 14th of February 2015.
Many Aurovilians, newcomers and guests of Auroville came to listen to the music, have some food and dance.
The first part of the event was opened by DJ Sai and Alice's dance performance. The kids had fun with Eluciole circus, face panting and henna tattoos.
From 5pm onwards, on the amphitheater stage, five groups performed: Ashaman and friends, Larry and Ingo, Drom project (Andrea Camerini), Jode and friends, and Swaha blues band.
Continued in part 2...

Comments: 2 Date: 20 Feb 2015

Awakening of the voice & hearing

This workshop, a part of the Saarang festival, is about how one becomes conscious of one's own voice and the ear and working on them from within the body to make them useful in any field of work, be it as a singer, an orator, a hawker, a manager, a teacher or lecturer, an actor or any other profession.
It helps to know how and when to use them as an expression or an arm, and also to know the power of silence that lies within our Voice. Tapan introduces the participants to exercises and methods to be conscious of their voice.

Comments: 0 Date: 06 Feb 2015

Nordic Hymns & Carnatic Tradition

Solitude farm cafe hosted an one of a kind evening where Nordic Chants met Carnatic Swaram. Singers Hanne, from Denmark, and Mahesh, from Chennai, met fortuitously during a musical encounter and discovered the symbiosis of Nordic folk music and Carnatic swaram. Together, Hanne and Mahesh, with Mishko on bass, Krishna on Guitar and Suresh on percussion weaved magic. Later in the evening the quartet improvised and encouraged audience participation in the performance.

Along with soulful music the evening had sumptuous dinner and drinks prepared at the solitude farm cafe from the produce of the Solitude Farm.

Comments: 0 Date: 19 Mar 2015

Amando & Dhani

At Visitors Center Saturday 21th of February Amando & Dhani from Albany (NY) presented a classic Rock-Jazz program.
Two hours of live music with Amando on bass and Dhani on guitar and vocals.  The duo were accompanied by Matt on saxophone and Suresh on drums.
Guest musicians Rolf, Shakti, Edo & Suryan joined the band and created a warm atmosphere.
The audience appreciated the performance and at the end of the concert asked for an encore.
A nice gig to celebrate Mother's birthday.

Comments: 14 Date: 22 Feb 2015

Gregorian Savitri

Kim Cunio and Heather Lee are currently setting parts of Savitri in traditional Gregorian / Church modes as well as the later modes of the Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris and those of the acclaimed mystic composer Hildegard of Bingen (1098-1179).

We can best describe this project as music inspired by the artistic practice of Christian Church composition until the mid 12th Century. Eventually we aim to cover the entire Savitri, but for now we have trialed a small excerpt of exceptional beauty from Book 3, Canto 4: The Vision and the Boon pp. 345-348.
A two line phrase O wisdom Splendor, mother of the universe has been composed into a refrain sung both in unison and a beautiful early harmony called organum. In between this Heather and Kim improvise around a Benedictine Hidden E Church mode, declaiming this wondrous text, accompanied by Kims virtual oud.
We hope you enjoy the start of this beautiful project, of which a studio recording is in production.
- Kim Cunio

Comments: 2 Date: 17 Feb 2015

Performance Moroccan evening

Moussine talks about the moroccan evening and about his work and behaviour.

Comments: 1 Date: 14 Mar 2015

Kalabhumi Festival – Part 2

The second part of the Kalabhumi Festival began with Wazo and Jesse introducing the Anna Taj band.
The audience danced and enjoyed the funky rock program chosen by Anna Taj and Marie Fouquet. Amando and Danny performed rock songs from the '70s.
At the end of the live concerts the DJ set by Sai DJ & Didier made the people dance till midnight.
Valentine's Day was well celebrated!

Comments: 1 Date: 20 Feb 2015

Bhushan Koshti & Vivek Kurangale

SAARANG festival presents recitals by two of India's leading classical instrumentalists, at India Space, Bharat Nivas. Bhushan Koshti is the son and disciple of Pt. Pushpraj Koshti, a leading exponent of the Dagarvani Dhrupad style on the Surbahar.
Bhushan has learnt the Surbahar in the traditional guru shishya parampara tradition for 8 years. He is regarded as a rare talent and the youngest exponent of the Surbahar in the Dagarvani style characterized by the slow and methodical development of the raga in a meditative delivery.
Koshti is joined by Vivek Kurangale, a talented Pakhawaj drummer.

Comments: 0 Date: 09 Feb 2015
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