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Category Archives: Music

Power of Chenda Melam Drums

Yesterday within Kerala Fest at Bharat Nivas, Pavilion of India in International Zone we had a chance to listen at Chenda Melam Drums by Kalanilayam UnniKrishnan at SAWCHU. That was an evening with the beats from Kerala to celebrate Onam Festival. Known artist who has performed with chenda melam drums all over the world, shared with us with his group energetic yet hypnotic beats of drums. Following is a part of his performance since those groups are known to play even up to four hours. The Chenda (Malayalam: ?????, [t?e??a]) is a cylindrical percussion instrument used widely in the state of Kerala, and Tulu Nadu of Karnataka State in India. In Tulu Nadu it is known as chande. A Chenda is a cylindrical wooden drum, and has a length of two feet and a diameter of one foot. Both ends are covered (usually with animal's skin) with the "Chenda Vattam". The animal skin is usually of a cow (Heifer), in a traditional Chenda other skins are not used (skin of bull, ox etc. are not used), to have a quality sound the skin from the abdominal part of the cow is taken. The Chenda is suspended from the drummers neck so that it hangs vertically. Though both sides can be used for playing, only one is actually beaten. Using two sticks, the drummer strikes the upper parchment. This instrument is famous for its loud and rigid sound. A Chenda has two sides, the left side called "Edamthala" (??? ??)(Left Head) and the right side "Valamthala" (??? ??)(Right Head). The "Edamthala" is made of only one/two layer of cow skin and the "Valamthala" will have a five/seven layer skin, so as to have a bass sound. The Chenda is mainly played in Hindu temple festivals and as an accompaniment in the religious art forms of Kerala. The chenda is used as an accompaniment for Kathakali, Koodiyattam, Kannyar Kali, Theyyam and among many forms of dances and rituals in Kerala. It is also played in a dance-drama called Yakshagana (Tenku Thittu) which is popular in Tulu Nadu of Karnataka

Comments: 0 Date: 02 Sep 2014

Rock’n'Roll in Kalabhumi

Beside numerous events at the occasion of Auroville's week, on 20th of February we had a chance to hear every year visitors - musicians Amando and Dhani. This year they have joined their forces with Auroville performing musicians, their friends, Edo, Rolf, Larry, Anna Taj, Mike, Andy, Pierre, Swaha and Peter. In more than two hours audience was indulged by selected classic electric tunes from 60s acts Grateful Dead, The Beatles, Allman Brothers Band, Bob Dylan and Police.

Comments: 0 Date: 20 Feb 2014

Aradhana of Saint Thyagaraja

A traditional ceremonial procession started at 9.30 am from Unity Pavilion Sunday morning to reach Sawchu Bharat Nivas, where, under the auspices of Tamil Heritage Center and Telugu Samaskritika Kendramu was held the fourth annual celebration of Aradhana of Saint Thyagaraja. It was a musical offering of 15 songs of the Saint, including 3 of the Pancharatna Krisitis, with mostly young artists students under the guidance of Smt Shoba Raghavan and Sri. Sukumar. Sri. Gordon played flute, Sri Durai Rajan the violin ,and Sri Janardhan the drums.

yagaraja Aradhana is an annual Carnatic music festival held in January and February. Many exponents of Carnatic music come to perform and are watched by thousands of ardent fans of Indian classical music.It is associated with the world famous singer and saint Tyagaraja and is one of the most important music festivals in India. source:

Comments: 0 Date: 26 Jan 2014

Concert of Pelva naik

Beautiful moment of music meditation last saturday at bharat Nivas. Auroville radio was present to immortalize those magic sounds. Enjoy the depth of sounds and let yourself merge into the vibes of beauty and relaxation of Pelva and musicians' divin sphere. Great singer Pelva Naik, is a young and forthcoming artist of her generation, she has been trained by the late Ustad Zia Fariduddin Dagar Saheb, of the eminent Dagar Gharana of Dhrupad music.

Comments: 0 Date: 18 Jan 2014

Domestic Radio Orchestra-

Domestic Radio Orchestra - Experimental concert of transistors, on 30th August 2014 at SAWCHU at 8 pm Chloe and Lucas played a unique one hour piece created and performed for the first time in Auroville. 8 radios arranged in the public space were broadcasting local stations, while others played the hidden sounds between channels. The transistors played in a very low volume to create a soft carpet of noise. Chloe and Lucas used the emerging chaos to compose music that was distributed over four speakers. The concert benefits the AurovilleRadio and the contributions collected will help to launch the new Art & Science of Communication School and curriculum. Chlo Sanchez is Aurovilian since 2007. Today she travels between Auroville and France where she composes a patchwork of all kinds of sounds for performing art, radio and documentary. Producer and director for Radio France (French National Radio), she has also created the Hand Made Radio Art (Collective Labo-raadiophonic live performance) on Radio Campus Paris. Since September 2013 she joined the composition class of electroacoustic music at the Experimental Music Conservatory of Pantin. Lucas Pizzini is a multi-instrumentalist, sound engineer and sound hacker. Fascinated by sounds, he transforms his saxophone or flute to make unexpected sounds (see video here: He also invents motorized instruments from recovered electronic objects which are controlled like an orchestra of robots. He has also participated in various musical projects of electroacoustic music, jazz, free improvisation or traditional music.

Comments: 0 Date: 01 Sep 2014

Coincidences or Jazz

This morning Kranti and Mike stopped at studio, to share the information on concert on coming Sunday 9th of February at Sri Aurobindo Auditorium, Bharat Nivas, Pavilion of Indian Culture in International Zone at 8pm. Both of them currently visiting Auroville have came across with some other residing musicians while Kranti was exhibiting her paintings on theme of music at Pavilion of Tibetan Culture some weeks ago. The result of this coincidences will be heard in the shape of some classical jazz compositions on Sunday.

" Kranti Quintet " Kranti Corea--Vocals Mike Britain - Piano Inga Aleman--Bass Peter Holland - Drums Rolf Deutsch--Guitar playing songs of Duke Ellington, George&Ira Gershwin,Tom Jobim, Luiz Bonfa

Comments: 0 Date: 05 Feb 2014

Swaha Blues Band in PY

The 11th edition of the annual 'Freedom Jam, an annual music event supported by the Department of Tourism, Government of Puducherry, was held past weekend at three venues as part of Republic Day celebrations. At Seagulls Restaurant amongst others were also performing Auroville musicians - Swaha Blues Band with Swaha on vocal, Rolf on bass, Ingo on harmonica, Pierre and Edo on guitars and Robert on drums.

Comments: 0 Date: 25 Jan 2014

Jan V. Vanek & Estelle Koluda

Many gathered past Saturday at CRIPA, Kalabhumi in Cultural Zone had a chance to witness unique talent of Jan V. Vanek on guitar, piano, flute ... and Estelle Koluda on violin. Music from all corners of the world, played with intense passion and devoted energy has brought enthusiasm in the space, smiles to the faces and touched everyone. Next Events: Tuesday, 12th August: 7.30pm Unity Pavilion, Auroville: musical interactive dialogue with musicians from Auroville. Saturday, 16th August: Concert at 7 pm, Restaurant Satsanga, Pondicherry.

Jan V. VANEK: Jan Vaclav Vanek, a born self-taught musician and true globe-trotter jazzman. From every corner of the world he does not return without bringing back new sounds with him. He is a guitarist of great talent, a composer, and interpreter and can play any musical instruments. He is a great listener and observer of music from all cultures. Jan V. Vanek leaves behind a memorable experience for those who have met him and heard his music. Each time one hears him, it is beyond all appearances, a person of flamboyant virtuosity, always eager to communicate. Music inhabits his entire being and his presence makes us feel as if he has more things to offer. A rare musician who can take us beyond all boundaries into deep meditations. Jan V Vanek has met several great artists during the course of his personal musical journey: Pierre Richard, Didier Levallet, Valrie Duchateau, Jean-Claude Michel, Amma in Kerala. He has performed all over the world, solo or accompanied by some of his faithful musicians : in addition he has played in several international guitar festivals such as in Prague, in Tahiti, in Jazz festivals such as Nice, Cluny, Rhino Jazz, Nevers, Porrentruy, many tours in Japan, China and in central Europe.
Estelle KOLUDA: Conservatoire de musique de Mulhouse -1989, France, Gold Medalist in Violin. Professor of violin from 1991 up to 2002. When she meets Jan V. Vanek, she abandons everything to work with him as a violinist and performed wherever invited with him. She has performed with Jan in all parts of France and in Tahiti also. She is a born genius. Music embodies her wherever she performs.

Comments: 2 Date: 08 Aug 2014

World music&dance Vanaver Caravan

EARTHBEAT a Journey of World Music & Dance Members of the VANAVER CARAVAN, a Hudson Valley, NY, USA based troupe, shared super good vibes in Auroville this thursday Jan 30th, in Cripa Kalabhumi. A mix of music & songs of old Folk traditions, Ireland, England, Philippines, Brazil, Israel, South Africa, Nigeria and more brought into a spirit of tolerance, love, sincerity and family, it really touched my heart. A moving in movement troupe spreading waves of kindness convinced me ounce again that when warmth and generosity are there everything is.

Their mission : "Peace is an ongoing process.We recognize that cultural and traditional differences can divide us.Our mission is to celebrate those differences through dance and music in an effort to unite the world and give hope to our communities." It's definitely a success and this statement says it all.

Comments: 0 Date: 30 Jan 2014

Songbird Girls

Deepanam School. Ahilya, 14 years old, and Hannah and Meera, 13 years old, are three songbird girls in the forest of Auroville. They love to sing and to share their passion with you. If you sing, it doesnt mean you have to be famous. If you are a singer you just sing, affirms Hannah. And what better singing school than your own bathroom, adds Ahilya, a self-confessed, self-taught shower singing professional.

Just open your heart again to the simple joy of singing whenever, whatever, wherever, as it will make your day better, all three girls agree. Here, Meera, the interviewer, joins the other two in singing about youth and strength, love and feelings life. So, welcome to open your ears to the magical voices of the songbird girls!

Comments: 0 Date: 24 Jan 2014
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