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Category Archives: Visual Arts

Samira Bose on Art and Auroville

In this Interview, Samira Bose, an upcoming artist as well as a former Auroville Radio intern talks to me about her forthcoming projects, her art and of course, Auroville.

Carpe Diem

Yesterday at Pitanga Cultural Centre in Samasti was inaugurated Carpe Diem - a photo exhibition by Lisbeth and Amara, where they are sharing images of everyday life - of people, landscapes and stillness. And in short conversation we find out that in this dual exhibition both favor nature capture in one particular moment, and people of the area.
Beautiful exhibition will be on display until 23rd of April

Love of Life Through Clay

Yesterday's inauguration of Priya's Sundaravalli Ceramics II at Citadines Centre d'Arts put on a display opus of organic forms, and stories of our home planet Earth. Priya, doctor of medicine and engineer, found her connection to creativity in media of clay. Apachi potter Felipe Ortega introduced her into household pottery while gave her a love, respect to the Mother Earth. Priya's search and personal transformation went further after joining Auroville. After realizing that nothing can be static here around, and after her service as a teacher, dedicated herself deeper into a creative process in clay. Special boost in her work was visit to Korean potters where she met post modern world of Korean ceramic which gave her freedom that almost anything is possible. Yet most of her work possesses graceful ethereal quality of eternal Divine.

Comments: 0 Date: 09 Oct 2014

Colours: Pleasant Like Cooking

Audrey Wallace-Tailor is an Aurovilian painter who has had many exhibitions in America and Auroville. She is an abstract painter using a variety of attractive colors and forms. Audrey settled in Auroville in 2007. She gives workshops in drawing and colors and teaches art. Here, she talks to us about her life and her works, and of the elements of color and form in her paintings. These days, Audrey is painting on the Bharat Nivas entrance wall, where many visitors come and express their surprise.

Audrey says about her work: "Starting to work, I usually mix three or four colors (a very pleasant time, like in cooking). Then I use rollers, sprays, sponges, squeegees, brushes, throwing, glazing -- applying the paint in any way that seems appropriate. I consciously want the viewer to know that my body is creating this work. Actually, it is my body and gravity, for many times I work on a panel on the wall of my studio that I can rotate clock-wise and counter clock-wise letting the paint move." --- '

Comments: 1 Date: 06 Dec 2013

Auroville Film Festival (#1)

This new segment features tête-à-têtes with Auroville Film Festival's key members. The episodes constitute master classes, cinematic analysis, and behind the scenes of the upcoming biennale.

In this episode (#1) Sasikanth, filmmaker, photographer and teacher visits the AV Radio studio to talk about how it all began, submission guidelines, the Educational Outreach Program and the importance of good cinema.

Adil's Art work at Savitri Bhavan

Adil explains how and why he created these pieces originally and how they are being adapted to different circumstances. Adil's playful approach is refreshing. He recently hosted renowned artist Laxma Goud at his pottery studio, (an interview on Laxman is also on the radio). Adil usually works in clay however these three dimensional painted canvas boxes have a clay like appeal.

Bose Krishnamachari in Auroville

India Space organized an evening with Bose Krishnamachari for a presentation on Contemporary Art and about the Kochi-Muziris Biennale, Kerala. The presentation took place in the the white hall - Bharat Nivas - Wednesday, 3rd October at 7.00pm. Bose is an internationally renowned artist and independent curator. His diverse artistic and curatorial practice includes drawing, painting, sculpture, design, installation and architecture. He is also the founder-director of the Kochi Biennale.

Comments: 0 Date: 03 Sep 2014

Artist at Heart

An interview with Pierre Legrand about the new art piece coming up at Town Hall .
ACUR management team has asked Pierre to make the windows "visible" since there were some accidents with breaking glass, but in an Interview with Pierre we found out more than that.

Mayaura In-Ex Corpore

Roland interviewed Mayaura (in French) regarding her exhibition In-Ex Corpore.
This exhibition covers the development of her work over a period of ten years, segmented into different stages in its evolution, as follows:

The pictorial spaces of these abstract works is textured by layers of interwoven lines, either of rows of Sanskrit letters used as purely abstract graphics signs, or of superposed planes of pure or engraved colour.  The interweaving of these embossed and engraved lines and these colored planes enriches the texture of the paintings, planes, giving them a depth, while allowing the original weft to remain visible, though transformed, as if time has intruded into the spatial dimension.

A period of research into the texture of colour, reducing the use of graphic elements and plunging into the world of colour's pure luminescence.

2011 - June 2014
I felt a need to instill a new dynamic into the texture of the paintings through movement, nurtured by an intensive course of drawing from live models.  The body is my visual base, though unrepresented and un-delineated; the medium of a flux of energy, a vehicle of life - the "container" of a mystery.  Also the body as a work tool, giving, as it were, its latent consciousness the chance to manifest itself, to find itself, to experiment.  In this spirit, I carried out an intense period of drawing in Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel, between February and March last year.

From July 2014
Since last year, I have been trying to integrate and unify different qualities I have been striving for up to now, though -paradoxically- it remains paramount for me to develop a capacity for letting go,  for abandoning all acquired knowledge, for entering "the cloud of unknowing". The plasticity of the pictorial space is mediated by the body, through the body, in an attempt to form a bridge between matter and consciousness.

Comments: 0 Date: 21 Feb 2015

Yoga of Life in Art Form

That life goes its own flow was clear at yesterday's inauguration of Drago Druskovic exhibition in Kale Kendra, Gallery Square Circle, Bharat Nivas, Pavilion of Indian Culture in International Zone where Prof. Edwin Zappa shared a story of connections between himself and Drago. Drago who came across with Sri Aurobindo and The Mother's writings earlier in his life, was deeply moved by it, which deeply influenced his exploration for truth in art, was also Prof. Edwin Zappa neighbor. His art - colorful, simple, truthful...spiritual

Comments: 0 Date: 31 Jan 2014
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