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Photographer:Nola | Michael, Joanna, Caroline, Gaelle Photographer:Nola | Michael, Joanna, Caroline Photographer:Nola | Joanna, Michael Photographer:Nola | Gaelle, Caroline Photographer:web | Residential Zone 1 and 2 Photographer:web | Roger Anger visioning Photographer:web | community pariticpation in planning

AV Wants to Participate

Program by :

Out of ten students of Queens University for Urban and Regional Planning Social Studies from Canada Caroline, Joanna and Michael shares with us their observation on the topic of the community participation in planning, Depending on the project,  level of engagement can vary from low (just being informed) to high (participate in decision taking). In yesterday’s workshop where they were aiming to envision what sort of community features people want to see in Residential Zone 1 and 2      13 different themes came up.
At final presentation on Saturday 12th between 4pm to 6pm at Multi Media Center students will present to the community outcome of their research, surveys and workshop. But in general they observe a high wish to participate, lots of creativity, and high level of experimenting.

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