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Photographer:Renu | Meeting with the Artists Photographer:Renu | Artists Meet at Sharanga Photographer:Renu | Artists meeting Photographer:Renu | Artists meeting

AVArtService and Artists Meeting

Program by :

An informal sharing and de-briefing between AurovilleArt Service and some of the artists that participated in the Chennai Festival. What worked or didn’t and possible next steps forward. The artists overall where grateful and happy from the experience, they enjoyed discovering the different work, each other and to collaborate.
AurovilleArtService will send out a questionnaire to the artists, and will create a virtual gallery of the Lalit Kala Akademi show. According to the interest and motivation of the artists with the service future projects will be taken up.

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06 Apr / 2015

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Meeting with the Artists
Artists Meet at Sharanga
Artists meeting
Artists meeting