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Photographer:Alma | Renu Photographer:Andrea | Note on AV RAdio door for past 3 months

Back to Life

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Hello Again you may have wondered why we havent published anything lately, and why we have been closed for the past three months? Well despite dedicated, passionate and non-judgemental broadcasting for the past seven years we were not supported. To understand why we are starting again, please listen to the following interviews with Andrea, the project holder and main force behind the radio and Renu, as a member of the wider Auroville community and a future team member,….

All your life must be an offering and a sacrifice to the Supreme; your only object in action shall be to serve, to receive, to fulfill, to become a manifesting instrument of the Divine Shakti in her works.
Sri Aurobindo, The Mother

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30 Apr / 2014

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Note on AV RAdio door for past 3 months