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Photographer:Andrea | Sandra, Daria Photographer:Andrea | Sandra, Daria

Balkan Hour

Program by :

Temperamental visitors / volunteers Sandra and Daria hailing from Serbia and Bosnia hand picked few songs from Balkan area, mostly former Yugoslavia countries.
Within an hour you can hear lively rhythms of 16 songs along with either conscious or humorous lyrics, typical for the region, some of older date, some new …
In a short interview girls tell us how and why they came to Auroville, and what is their experience.


1. Gypsy Song
2. Dino Merlin Burek
3. Bregovic Mesecina
4. Bjelo dugme Djurdjevdan
5. Olivera Katarina Sosana
6. Sonja Ilic I Balkanica Kermes
7. SARS Perspektiva

8. Hop Hop Gypsies flying to the sky
9. Zabranjeno Pusenje Zeni nam se vukota
10. Balkan mix

11. Goran Bregovic Mashala Mashala
12. Lepa Brena Cik Cik pogodi
13. Goran Bregovic Mahalageasca bucovina
14. Dubioza Kollektiv ft. La pega
15. Zlatko Pejakovic Kad si bila mala mare
16. Esma Redzepova Caje Sukarije





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Sandra, Daria
Sandra, Daria