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Photographer:David Dinakaran | Majestic moves by Prajakta Raj Photographer:David Dinakaran | The blossom movements of Prajakta Raj Photographer:David Dinakaran | Invitation Photographer:David Dinakaran | The myriad of colors and dance Photographer:David Dinakaran | The beauty of Kathak Photographer:David Dinakaran | Prajakta Raj  taking the spirit into the crowd

Blissful performance-Prajakta Raj

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Monday evening at CRIPA, Kalabhoomi, Auroville was very bright and blossomed with a dance performance by PrajaktaRaj (Atre), a famous Kathak dancer and choreographer.
Prajakta Raj is an accomplished Kathak danseuse and a well-known name in this field today. She was trained for 14 years by Guru Roshan Datye, received advanced training from late Guru Dr. Rohini Bhate from 1996 to 2008 at the renowned Nrityabharati Kathak Dance Academy in Pune.

In this performance, she mainly portrayed the life of Lord Krishna and also a short story of Lord Shiva, who losses his loved wife.

Besides completing the Senior Diploma course at Nrityabharati, she has also obtained a Master’s Degree in Kathak from the Centre for Performing Arts (Lalit Kala Kendra), Pune University.

Prajakta has also successfully proved her mettle as an able dance teacher since 1992. Presently she is working as a Guru and Examiner at the Lalit Kala Kendra of Pune University. As a small contribution to the institution that made her a dancer, she has been working as an Honorary Teacher and Secretary at Nrityabharati Kathak Dance Academy since 2006. She is also the Founder-Director of Aarohini Kathak Dance Academy and the Director of Aarohini Art Welfare Organisation, a NGO, dedicated to the promotion of Kathak and other art forms.

She is a multi-faced culturalist as she also extends her teachings of French language at Pune University.

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12 Apr / 2016

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Majestic moves by Prajakta Raj
The blossom movements of Prajakta Raj
The myriad of colors and dance
The beauty of Kathak
Prajakta Raj  taking the spirit into the crowd