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Photographer:Andi | Luigi, Mita and B get down to business

Bridging the Polarities: Mobility

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B and Luigi are at it again, with more synergy than ever. This week we’ve invited Mita from Centre Field to come and talk about her community’s reservations to the extension of the crown road. A very productive meeting, in which we were able to see beyond past traumas and stay in the collective energy to bridge polarities. Mita brought forth the concern that we need to take a deeper approach in looking at the Galaxy model and revive powerful ideas which have diffused, namely the Dreamcatchers proposal, to be revisited in forum later this month.

We discussed mobility in a brooder context, looked at solutions (not compromises!), and saw clearly that we need a short and a long term plan, which everyone was eager to work together to create.
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02 Oct / 2012

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Luigi, Mita and B get down to business