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Calypso in Early Years

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Today’s musical edition features tracks from Cyril Diaz, The Mighty Sparrow, Lord Invader & His Calypso Rhythm Boys, Mighty Dougla, Round Table Knights Vs Bauchamp and more …. Carlos Malcom , the father of reggae, and more. Calypso is a style of Afro-Caribbean music that originated in Trinidad and Tobago during the early to mid 20th century. Its rhythms can be traced back to West African Kaiso and the arrival of French planters and their slaves from the French Antilles in the 1600s.
The music, which drew upon African and French influences, became the voice of the people, and was characterized by highly rhythmic and harmonic vocals, which was most often sung in a French creole and led by a griot.

Cyril Diaz & His Orchestra – Voodoo
Young Tiger – Calypso Be
Mighty Dougla .- Exchange No Robbery
Dandy Crawford – Matilda Matilda
Lord Kitchener, London Is the Place for Me
Young Tiger – I Was There (At the Coronation)
Azie Lawrence & Carib Serenaders – West Indians In England
Lord Creator – Independent Jamaica
Carlos Malcom & His Afro Jamaican Rhythm – Elena
John Buddy Williams Band – Saturday Night Blowout
Mighty Bomber – Mamaguy
Lord Nelson – King Liar
Small Island Pride- Taxi Driver
Lord Creator – Kingston Town
Carlos Malcolm & his
afro jamaican rhythms – Skaman
Count Lasher and His Calypso Quintet – Perfect Love [10
Don Drummond –
The Mighty Sparrow- Congo Man
Baron – Feeling It

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