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Photographer:Giorgio Molinari | Participants July 21 2015 Photographer:Giorgio Molinari | Toine explains Photographer:Giorgio Molinari | ACI 3rd session Photographer:Giorgio Molinari | Poster Photographer:Giorgio Molinari | Navroz talking Photographer:Giorgio Molinari | Listening Photographer:Giorgio Molinari | Lalit and Michael are part of the ACI team

Joy of Learning-The Master Plan

Program by :

Tuesday July 21st from 4:30 to 6:30 pm in SAIIER Conference Hall the Auroville Campus Initiative organized the 3rd session of the Joy of Learning on; Exploring the Auroville Master Plan.
Amy, Deoyani, Lalit, Mike, Min, and Sophie have also created a quiz for you to test your knowledge on the topic

Presenters and topics;

Lalit – ‘The History of the Master Plan’
Sauro – ‘Key Features of the Master Plan and Evolution of Planning in Recent Times – Perspectives and Critical Aspects’
Toine – ‘Legal and statutory Framework of Planning and Development; Infrastructure Planning and Development’

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Jack Jul 23, 2015 Reply

When I tried to listen to the program on the Master Plan , I got young interviewers asking people like Johnny what he liked, didn’t like and would change in AV. Was that correct?

    Andrea Jul 23, 2015 Reply

    Hi Jack, here’s all fine.
    Please note that you should click the button on the top right side of the page.
    There is a white button with the play logo just under the date (22 Jul / 2015).
    Let me know 🙂

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22 Jul / 2015

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Participants July 21 2015
Toine explains
ACI 3rd session
Navroz talking
Lalit and Michael are part of the ACI team