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Photographer:Chandana | Composing a song

Chandana 12, Composes "Sun Rise"

Program by :

My name is Chandana and I am 12 years old. I was born in Auroville (2002).
My father Nadaka is a musician and so music was always present in our house. I love music very much.

When Vania first had shown me the website on which I could create my own music I was amazed. I was very enthusiastic and tried many different things on it!! I was literally hitting buttons and changing musical parts, when finally I composed a song “Sun Rise”.
This song made my family very happy and when Vania first heard it he suggested that with the help of Auroville Radio I could share it with friends and the rest of the world.

I hope this song makes you and others smile 🙂

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Andrea Dec 01, 2014 Reply

Beautiful composition Chandana ! I love it !! Andrea

Vania Dec 01, 2014 Reply

Lovely song. Sounds like it has been compressed or something because it comes out harsh on my speakers.

Simon Berg Dec 01, 2014 Reply

Awesome! Simple and groovey. Keep it up Chandana!

stacy Dec 02, 2014 Reply

funky chandana- us three girls love it 🙂 now we are waiting for your voice…

Shiva Vangara Dec 10, 2014 Reply

My darling Chandana,

Amazing !!! Soooo glad to hear to your first composition. You have it within and born with notes. Keep hitting, aim to the Eternity, because you are the true child and a portion of Eternity.

Sure, Nadaka would be proud of you. 🙂


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Composing a song