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Photographer:Marlenka | Phililpp

Christmas Fair Preparation

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Philipp talks about not only the coming Christmas Fair to be held at the Youth Centre, but about the Youth Centre itself, having just recently returned from Brazil. The current condition of the place, the repairs that need to be done and getting people to participate in preparation for the Fair is what ‘s on his mind at this time. He points out that the Fair is but one day; it’s the preparation and participation that counts, that makes for fun.

The creation is, so to speak, the projection of all that makes up that unity, by dividing all opposites, that is to say, by separating (thats what was caught by those who said that creation is separation), by separating: for instance day and night, white and black, evil and good, and so on (all that is our explanation). All together, all of it together is a perfect unity, immutable and indissoluble. The creation is the separation of all that makes up this unity we might call it the division of the consciousness the division of the consciousness, which starts from unity conscious of its unity to arrive at unity conscious of its multiplicity IN UNITY. MOTHERS AGENDA, 19 Nov. 1969

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