Satprem Maini Green Casbah
by Alberto Alegre   
Friday, 16 November 2012
Satprem Maini and Matrimandir (Photographer: Alberto Alegre)Auroville Radio is glad to show you the presentation of the last housing project from Satprem Maini, the Green Casbah, a complex of 40 apartments of different sizes. Located near Realization, Prayatna and The Solar Kitchen, the Green Casbah is planned to be finished at 2015, being a good option for Aurovilians and Newcomers looking for low cost housing based alternative and ecological constructive techniques. Here you will enjoy the audio, while taking a look to the pdf of the project plans. To download the presentation click here.

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Ambience before the meeting (Photographer: Alberto Alegre) Some words before start the meeting (Photographer: Alberto Alegre) Satprem, the public and the plans (Photographer: Alberto Alegre) Satprem and Green Casbah plan (Photographer: Alberto Alegre) Plan of Green Casbah (Photographer: Alberto Alegre)