Bamboo Construction Workshop
by Monireh   
Sunday, 17 February 2013
Nick (Photographer: Monireh)At Auroville Bamboo Research Centre they've organized bamboo construction workshop for 1st years students of DY.Patil College of Architecture, Navi, Mumbai. 85 students have managed to construct a dome out of bamboo, were making instruments, toys, chair, geometrical dome and yurt, they did get to know many facts about incredible values/qualities of bamboo. Following is the interview with three of them- Mallika, Prateek and Vini. Each of them is full of enthusiasm over bamboo, and its uses...Nick talks on organizational part of the workshop.

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Bamboo Dome  (Photographer: Monireh) Yurta (Photographer: Monireh) working on dome (Photographer: Monireh) Geometrical Dome (Photographer: Monireh) Vini, Prateek, Mallika (Photographer: Monireh) House Construction  (Photographer: Monireh)